RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Honour one's loyal and dedicated service with this stunning and personalized memento, which will certainly be cherished for generations to come.


Bonnie recommends highlighting the rank/regimental number and name of the recipient on the smaller plaque.  The second, larger engraved plaque provides an opportunity to include 3 additional sentences to better commemorate an occasion or words of choice.  This is very important, as it will pass on historical details for future generations.  There is a 60 character maximum for each sentence. Bonnie is happy to help you so the wording is perfect for the occasion.  

These stunning 8" collectibles are framed in 11" square, black, solid wood, open-faced shadow boxes lined with red ultra suede as shown in the pictures. Included is a Certificate of Authenticity (bilingual if required) that is signed by Bonnie Saunders and applied to the backside of the frame.   This certificate contains a brief description and history of the badge, crest or logo that is featured on the front of the plate.  This is a great added feature for future generations to appreciate. 


**If needed in time for a graduation, Bonnie is happy to send your plate directly to the Trading Post at the RCMP Depot in Regina so you don't have to travel with it prior to graduation.  She is also able to obtain the regimental number without the recipient becoming aware, thus the surprise will not be spoiled.  What a great way to honour your loved one's hard work!!   

Be sure to have your camera ready! The proud recipients will be pleased beyond measure! 

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Mounted Police Foundation Officially Licensed Product