About Bonnie

Bonnie Saunders recognizes the importance of honouring one’s loyal and dedicated service and she knows you do too! Through her work, the pride of one’s service can be encompassed and commemorated in a very unique and personalized way. All you need to do... is present it, gift it or gift yourself!

Bonnie Saunders - Artist & Artisan    

Bonnie Saunders - the Artist/Artisan

Bonnie Saunders is an assertive entrepreneur who has been both an Artist AND an Artisan for most of her life. As the passionate “brain" behind Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders, her creative mind and renowned technique has catapulted her into a niche offering a unique product like no other. Working from a small Saskatchewan hamlet, she is a sole proprietor, a community minded volunteer, a wife, a mother, and a designer. Bonnie’s list of recipients include British Royalty, Premiers of Western Canada, and most importantly, many brave men and women who risk their lives for us.

Being proudly Canadian, Bonnie is humbly honoured to support those who protect us. 
These organizations include the following:
Canadian Forces Badge Plates - Support Our Troops Fund
RCMP Crest Plates - RCMP Foundation
Canadian Corps of Commissionaires Crest Plates - Military Families Fund
International Association of Firefighters - IAFF Charitable Foundation
Canadian Coast Guard - Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Fund
Edmonton Police Service - Edmonton Police Foundation

Bonnie's list continues to grow as more City Police Services, Fire Departments and other Government Agencies and businesses provide their approvals. Bonnie is happy to work with your organization so proper protocol is followed and your crest, badge or logo is excellently presented and duly protected.

Presentation to HRH Prince Edward, October 2003
Presentation of the VERY first Canadian Forces Badge Plate  to CDS General Rick Hillier 2008

Bonnie Saunders - "Proud to support those who protect us"