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Bonnie Saunders - Artist & Artisan

Bonnie Saunders - the Artist/Artisan

Bonnie Saunders is Canadian Métis and passionate entrepreneur who has been both an artist and an artisan for most of her life.  Working from a small Saskatchewan hamlet, she is a CEO, sole proprietor, a community minded volunteer, a wife, a mother, a designer and an amateur photographer too!  After spending 5 years honing her craft before she began her business in 2001, she still faces the difficulty of the tricky steps it takes to transform one plate.  When she goes to create one plate, she actually attempts to make 3 plates in hopes that one will turn out and thankfully one usually does.    Her renowned technique has catapulted her into a niche offering a unique product like no other.

Bonnie takes immense pride in providing these exquisite and commemorative pieces that serve as tokens of honor for the valiant men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving Canada. As a Canadian artisan, she pours her passion into transforming these beautiful items, each one an embodiment of gratitude and reverence. Bonnie considers it a profound privilege to contribute to the tradition of paying homage to those who have selflessly safeguarded our nation. The members of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, police services, fire departments, and emergency, rescue and medical services across Canada display extraordinary valor and unwavering commitment. They brave harsh conditions and face life-threatening situations to protect our communities and uphold the values we hold dear. From the brave soldiers who defend our nation's sovereignty to the dedicated first responders who rush to the aid of those in need, their sacrifices, courage, and dedication are the bedrock of our society. Bonnie's commemorative and personalized pieces stand as a small tribute to their colossal contributions, a way to honor the heroes who safeguard Canada with unwavering resolve and selflessness. Bonnie is happy to contribute a portion of each plate sold to the fund associated with the badge or crest that is featured on the plate.

These stunning mementos that will be cherished by many for generations to come have been well received by members of British Royalty, the Premiers of Western Canada, the Governor General of Canada, several Canadian hockey greats including Paul Coffey, Ric Nattress and Theoren Fleury and most importantly, many brave men and women who risk their lives for us and also in memory of those who paid the ultimate price.


Bonnie is happy to work with your organization or business so proper protocol is followed and your crest, badge, sports league emblem or impressive business logo is excellently presented and duly protected.

Presentation to HRH Prince Edward, October 2003
Presentation to Prince Edward Earl of Wessex in 2003
"Over the years I have enjoyed many highlights which now are great memories, such as: designing a Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Centennial Plate for the city of Lloydminster in 2003 and having the pleasure of presenting the “first” Lloydminster Centennial Commemorative Plate to His Royal Highness, the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward."
Bonnie Saunders
Presentation of the VERY first Canadian Forces Badge Plate  to CDS General Rick Hillier 2008
Chief of the Defence Staff General Rick Hillier Receiving the Very First Canadian Forces Badge Plate
"The beautiful Canadian Forces Badge Plates, crafted by Bonnie Saunders, make a unique and meaningful commemorative statement for a wide variety of occasions. We were most pleased to have Bonnie present the very first CF Badge Plate to General Rick Hillier in Calgary, on 14 June 2008 at the Military Families Fund Gala, just prior to his retirement, as a unique memento of his outstanding service to Canada."
Associate Director General Personnel and Family Support Services
"This was such a memorable day for me and my husband Darren. What an honour to present the VERY FIRST Canadian Forces Badge Plate to General Rick Hillier."
Bonnie Saunders
"Bonnie Saunders is a talented and creative artisan who has crafted a very fine way to commemorate one's service to Canada. Her work is first-rate and is of heirloom quality. It would appropriately mark a wide variety of occasions within the career of anyone within the Canadian military."
Chief Military Personnel 🇨🇦

Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

December 13, 2013
"Bonnie, I can say that HRH was very pleased with the commemorative plates, and it was an honour for me to make this presentation.
LCol Robert Patchett"
"The Commanding Officer of the Cameron Highlanders, Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Patchett presents His Royal Highness Prince Philip with commemorative regimental plates. Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa visited His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Colonel-in-Chief Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa on November 19 to thank him for the royal honorific name "Duke of Edinburgh's Own" he recently bestowed on the Regiment."
"I was so very honoured and blessed to be asked by LCol Robert Patchett to produce a special set for Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh."
Bonnie Saunders

Bonnie Saunders - "Proud to support those who protect us"

The Unveiling
On September 7, 2012 during the PPCLI's French Grey Ball held at the majestic Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, Bonnie had the distinguished honour of making a presentation to the Regiment's Colonel-In-Chief, The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson. She presented the very first PPCLI Battle Honours Plate which was received with great adoration by Madame Clarkson. In addition, Bonnie presented the very first Marguerite Cap Badge Plate to the Colonel of the Regiment, Lieutenant-General (Retired) Ray Crabbe. LGen Crabbe was extremely pleased with the gift that will be proudly displayed at the PPCLI Museum in Calgary. This day marked the unveiling of these special pieces that Bonnie has been commissioned to produce for the PPCLI as part of the Regiment's Centennial Celebrations scheduled for 2014.
"I am deeply honoured to be part of this celebration of "A Century of Service".
Bonnie Saunders
"I was extremely honoured to make available, the Commemorative Plate celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary in 2017!"
2022. "👑 I was so thrilled to share the very exciting news that I had been blessed with permission to offer this official product approved by the Department of Canadian Heritage in celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee! Her Majesty's 70 year reign can be honoured and remembered in a very special way and I am humbled beyond words to be a part of it!"

Calgary Flames Ric Nattress 

Nov 11, 2022
"It was my pleasure to present my buddy, Ric Nattress, a Glass Treasure from Bonnie Saunders. Ric has gone overseas and visited Canadian Forces Personnel that have been deployed on operations and does extensive charity work for other organizations as well. We are currently working together on different initiatives. Ric, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for all you do. SgtMajor check out Bonnie's right hand."
Mike Rude
"Again, my heart is full! 
Last Friday was indeed another memorable one, very exciting and a great honour for me! I had the pleasure of meeting Stanley Cup Champion Ric Nattress as Mike Rude made a special presentation in thanks."
Bonnie Saunders

Calgary Flames Theoren Fleury Operation Tango Romeo Mark Meincke

November 11, 2022
"Today was a day full of many blessings and a very memorable one at that! I had thedistinct honour of being part of a special presentation in Calgary to help present Theo Fleury with the very first Calgary Flames plate I made. This plate was gifted to Theo by Veteran Mike Rude to thank him for his work, his time and his caring ways in helping veterans and those suffering with PTSD. I had been given authorization to use the Calgary Flames logo by the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation.  Mike Rude also presented an Operation Tango Romeo plate to Mark Meincke whose mission through his Trauma Recovery Podcast is there for Veterans, First Responders and their families to help recover."
Bonnie Saunders
Friend of the Military - Bonnie Saunders
"I have made many dear friends over the years and am very honoured to be considered as a "Friend of the Military".  I feel like I am the little sister too!"
Bonnie Saunders
RCAF 100th Anniversary Commemorative Plate
Lieutenant-General Eric Kenny Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force receives the very first RCAF 100th Anniversary Commemorative Plate
Oct 3, 2023
"Dear Bonnie, It was a real pleasure showing off your excellent craftwork, to the Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force and his top team members. We were all very impressed."
Dean Black
RCAF Association Executive Director
"It has been a very exciting year to be commissioned to design something very special to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the RCAF!  I am thrilled that Lietuenant-General Eric Kenny received the very first one!"
RCMP 150th Anniversary Commemorative Plate

"I am truly honored and thrilled that I have been commissioned by the RCMP Foundation to design a special keepsake commemorating the 150th anniversary of the RCMP.  It is such a privilege to play a small role in such a momentous year!"

Proud Recipients
August 7, 2015
"Hi Bonnie,It was a pleasure for me to present Mark with one of your plates when he left his post as Formation CWO. He was the first Formation Chief of the Intelligence Group, and your inaugural plate of the new badge was the logical choice for such a momentous occasion. I had been fortunate enough to receive one of your plates as a gift years ago, and I was once again in awe of the craftsmanship and beauty of the plate! I know Mark will cherish the gift fromall his Senior NCO’s, and he has a special place of honour to display it. Of course it made both myself and the Commander jealous, so now we want one ourselves."
Peter Boutin,
Ottawa, On.