Naval Reserve Centennial Commemorative Plate
Naval Reserve Centennial Commemorative Plate
Naval Reserve Centennial Commemorative Plate

Naval Reserve Centennial Commemorative Plate

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Celebrate a century of maritime excellence with the Canadian Naval Reserves' 100th anniversary!  As commissioned by the Naval Reserve Centennial Project, you can now cap off this exciting year and commemorate this historic milestone in style with Glass Treasures Bonnie Saunders' exclusive and personalized commemorative plate, a timeless tribute to the legacy of dedicated service to Canada. 

Crafted to honor the dedication and courage of the Naval Reserves, this special keepsake captures the essence of a century-long journey on the high seas.  A perfect blend of craftsmanship and sentimentality featuring the Naval Reserve’s Centennial logo as designed by Sailor 2nd Class (S2) Joseph Dimayuga. 

Unique in it's design, each stunning Naval Reserve Centennial Commemorative Plate is personalized and arrives with special wording to commemorate this incredible milestone for the Naval Reserve to be cherished for generations!  The smaller engraved plaque is best to highlight the recipient’s rank, name and even dates of service.  The larger engraved plaque provides an opportunity to be more detailed in regards to one’s service or the commemorative wording for the centennial may also be chosen.  Bonnie is happy to assist you with the wording after you have placed your order.

An added feature is a Certificate of Authenticity signed by artisan Bonnie Saunders which depicts some of the Naval Reserve's historical details in relation to the centennial's identifier.

Own a piece of history and cherish the remarkable achievements of the Canadian Naval Reserves with this distinctive and meaningful commemorative plate.  It is NOW AVAILABLE!

(Rush orders can be achieved if needed at a slight added cost).  

The artisan:
Bonnie has been honored with the privilege to present her work to many special dignitaries, which include: Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Forfar; former Chief of the Defence Staff – General Hillier; Colonel in Chief of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light infantry (PPCLI), the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson and  LGen (Retired) Ray Crabbe.  Other notable recipients such as HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: Anne, The Princess Royal and the Premiers of Western Canada have also been recipients of her work.  Bonnie wishes to thank you for investing in this heirloom quality keepsake in which a portion of the sales will be donated to the Royal Canadian Air Force Centennial Fund.  

Each Naval Reserve Centennial Commemorative Plate individually produced by Bonnie of Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders will certainly be cherished for generations to come.  As a thoughtful gift, they are an excellent method to commemorate a variety of occasions for one's loyalty and dedication.


• a retirement or transfer

• gifts for dignitaries

• special awards

• company promotions & recognitions

• a gift for a family member 

• an anniversary or birthday

• a personal memento/keepsake

• Change of Command

• Depart With Dignity

• return from duty

• paying tribute to a veteran


Each Naval Reserve Centennial Commemorative Plate begins as a clear glass plate which becomes transformed into an exceptional, high quality keepsake. With many complex steps from start to finish, the creation process poses a high degree of difficulty. The delicate procedures result in the brilliantly rich crackle which receives and illuminates light and provides a unique element of depth to each piece. These remarkable heirlooms are rendered individually by Bonnie, with all processes administered on the backside of the glass.

Each 8" plate is framed in a black, 11"open faced solid wood shadow box lined with royal red ultra suede. Two custom engraved black plaques which sit on the frame add a personalized touch to these mementos, which can be either wall mounted or displayed on a stand.  Included is a Certificate of Authenticity that is signed by Bonnie Saunders and applied to the backside of the frame.  This is a great added feature for future generations to appreciate.  

Support Our Troops

When you purchase an RCAF Centennial Commemorative Plate, not only are you investing in a very unique heirloom, you are also supporting the many men and women who serve to protect us.  A portion of each sale will be contributed towards Support Our Troops.

Be sure to have your camera ready! The proud recipients will be pleased beyond measure!   Photos of proud recipients of the Naval Reserve Centennial Commemorative Plate will be added in due time.


March 1, 2022
"I received my badge plate as a gift from my father after my deployment to Libya on HMCS Vancouver.
The plate is a beautiful piece of art and we love having it in our home. Bonnie does amazing work and I would 100% recommend this for anyone. Makes a great gift 
Thank you Bonnie!"
Courtney Bowell
December 27, 2010
"Bonnie, this Christmas my dad was very overcome with emotions due to the significance of this Crest and plate . Not sure if you aware the history of the HMCS Kootenay. My dad served on it in 1969 when it exploded off the coast of Plymouth England, and 9 crew members were killed and 53 injured. My dad lost many friends that day. He attended the 40th anniversary of last year in Halifax and met up with many of his old ship mates. I know this means a lot to him and I am sure others will want one just because of the significance of the the ship and the changes made in the Navy because of this explosion. It looks great! Thanks again."
Marty Martell
Edmonton, AB
December 19, 2022
"Hello Bonnie,
We are very proud of Nathanial and super excited to see him as he is home for Christmas! The gift was well received! Thank you very much!"
Graham Bourke
June 24, 2013
"Hello Bonnie,
Here is the presentation to CPO1 Cleal on his retirement. He actually shed a little tear when I presented him the plates. He was very touched and has a wall picked out for them.
Well done and many thanks."
Larry MacDonald
Petty Officer 1st Class
Feb 11, 2014
"Hello Bonnie,
Here is the Chief Boatswin's Mate, CPO2 Lyle Preston from RCSCC QUINTE following the presentations to the city of Belleville at our freedom of the city parade on 1 June 2013. We presented the plate, the ceremonial paddle and the photo of our training buisling here in Belleville.
The three items RCSCC QUINTE presented to the City at the Freedom of the City parade: The print of the "OLD" training building in Belleville from the "past" cadets of RCSCC QUINTE. The hand made ceremonial paddle from the "present" cadets of RCSCC QUINTE and the Ship's Crest plate from the "future" cadets of RCSCC QUINTE.
The RCSCC QUINTE Crest Plate gift was well received and is hanging proudly in the Belleville City Hall."
Lt  John Lilje CD
Oct. 26, 2019
“Hi Bonnie;
Terra Nova was the first ship I served on and by far, the best. Your plates will always be cherished and I look forward to adding a couple more. To quote my mom, who passed away the January (2013) after I received my first plate: "Absolutely gorgeous!!!"
Thanks again so much!!.”
Pat Tennant
Oct. 26, 2019
“Hi Bonnie;
Terra Nova was the first ship I served on and by far, the best. Your plates will always be cherished and I look forward to adding a couple more. To quote my mom, who passed away the January (2013) after I received my first plate: "Absolutely gorgeous!!!"
Thanks again so much!!.”
Pat Tennant
April 19, 2022
I recently purchased a plate from Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders with the crest of HMCS Tecumseh. The intent of the plate had two meanings, one as a gift from my family and to mark a new chapter in my life. I also wanted to formalize my time in the military, and I am planning on purchasing a second one for my first unit down the road. The quality of the product I receive was far beyond what I could expect. You can tell the Bonnie takes pride in what she does and recognizing those that serve. She is also great if you’re not sure what to say on the engraving plates and will assist with recommendations. For me with my service not being completed yet recommended a way to write one plate and even offered to redo it when I retire. I am proud of the plate and display it in my office and it’s a conversation piece. I could not be happier with it and recommend to anyone that is considering one to make that purchase you won’t be disappointed.
John Bauer
April 7, 2015
"These plates are a wonderful reminders of my past with the RCN and hang on the wall for all to see. I sent my 2 son-in-law's their own plates for Christmas and they both said they are awesome. These plates surpass anything I expected.
Many Thanks, Bonnie!"
Morley Lewis

Oct 3, 2023
"Dear Bonnie, It was a real pleasure showing off your excellent craftwork, to the Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force and his top team members. We were all very impressed."
Dean Black
RCAF Association Executive Director

From left to right:
Lieutenant-Colonel Brian Briere • Deputy Campaign Manager, RCAF 2024 Centennial
Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Dean Black • Executive Director, RCAF Association
Lieutenant-General Eric Kenny • Commander, Royal Canadian Air Force
Chief Warrant Officer John Hall • Command Chief Warrant Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force

*special thanks to photographer Mr. Sean Costello, CD

Royal Canadian Air Force
December 15, 2011
"Hi Bonnie:
When I left the service, the only things I took with me were one uniform, my cap badge, dog tags, shaving kit and a lot of great memories. The plates are not only a great memento of my time in the forces, but they have brought alive all those great memories. The craftsmanship is superb and a fitting testimonial to anyone who is, or has, served in the Cdn Forces. Looking forward to receiving the next plate on my list."
St. Thomas, ON

Personalized to honour one's loyal and dedicated service!

March 8, 2019
"Bonnie, thanks for the fantastic plates! After 40 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces I retired on 13 February 2019 and was formally presented with these in honour of my service. Col Nishika Jardine, an old friend and fellow member of RCEME, presented the Corps plate, and LCol Gabriel Dore, Commanding Officer RCSU (Central), presented the CIL plate.

The senior staff of RCEME were highly impressed with the corps plate and are interested in looking to make this part of their routine retirement presentations. If you are interested I'll pass on your contact information to them."
Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret'd) Charles Jansen
**Testimonials and photos are always welcome
and Bonnie is grateful AND delighted to share them!
To submit yours, please email Bonnie at bonnie@glasstreasures.com.