Cyprus 50th Anniversary Commemorative Plate
Cyprus 50th Anniversary Commemorative Plate
Cyprus 50th Anniversary Commemorative Plate

Cyprus 50th Anniversary Commemorative Plate

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Cyprus 50th Anniversary Commemorative Collector Plate

This collectible was commissioned by the Cyprus 2024 Committee of the Canadian Airborne Forces Association in commemoration of Canada’s contribution to the UN mission in Cyprus, since 1964, on the 50th anniversary of the 1974 war.

The summer of 1974 was a turning point for the Mediterranean conflict and Canada’s long-standing commitment to United Nations operations. Two NATO allies were at war, and Canadians were wearing blue helmets.  With the Greek Cypriot coup d’état and the Turkish invasion, traditional peacekeeping shifted to the new reality of peacemaking.  It was a deadly time in Canada’s peacekeeping history, with casualties in Cyprus, including Para Gilbert Perron and Para Claude Berger, and the loss of UN Flight 51 over Syria.

This commemorative plate symbolizes a forgotten Canadian war and honours the many veterans who served on dangerous UN missions. This is an opportunity to remember the 1974 War, the Cyprus mission, and our national legacy. On this 50th anniversary of the 1974 conflict, this plate is dedicated to the members of the Canadian Armed Forces who served and sacrificed to bring peace in Cyprus and around the world.

Bonnie Saunders is honoured to be a part in "commemorating our heroes who served and sacrificed to bring peace in Cyprus, and around the world, on this 50th Anniversary of a forgotten war" by offering a very special commemorative plate. 

Over the years, Bonnie has been privileged to present her work to recipients such as HRH, The Earl of Wessex – Prince Edward, the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Hillier and Colonel-In-Chief Adrienne Clarkson and other notable recipients such as HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Anne, The Princess Royal have also been recipients of her work.  In 2014, Bonnie was honored to provide very special commemorative plates in celebration of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Centennial and her work as being sought after for several other upcoming special events for other regiments.

Each plate arrives with special commemorative wording on the engraved plaques as shown in these two examples here:

personalized engraved plaques

Also available in French.

Glass Treasure by Bonnie Saunders will certainly be cherished for generations to come.  As a thoughtful gift, they are an excellent method to commemorate a variety of occasions for one's loyalty and dedication.

• a retirement or transfer

• gifts for dignitaries

• special awards

• company promotions & recognitions

• a gift for a family member 

• an anniversary or birthday

• a personal memento/keepsake

• Change of Command

• Depart With Dignity

• return from duty

• paying tribute to a veteran


Each Cyprus 50th Anniversary Commemorative Plate begins as a clear glass plate which become transformed into an exceptional, high quality keepsake. With many complex steps from start to finish, the creation process poses a high degree of difficulty. The delicate procedures result in the brilliantly rich crackle which receives and illuminates light and provides a unique element of depth to each piece. These remarkable heirlooms are rendered individually by Bonnie, with all processes administered on the backside of the glass.

Each 8" plate is framed in a black, 11" open faced solid wood shadow box lined with red ultra suede. Two custom engraved black plaques which sit on the frame add a personalized touch to these mementos, which can be either wall mounted or displayed on a stand.  Included is a Certificate of Authenticity that is signed by Bonnie Saunders and applied to the backside of the frame.  This certificate contains a brief description of the mission of the proud members who wear the badge or crest that is featured on the front of the plate.  The Commemorative Centennial Toronto Scottish Regiment Plate will recount special historical details that will stay with this memento to be appreciated for years to come.


Bonnie recommends highlighting the rank/regimental number and name of the recipient on the smaller plaque.  The second, larger engraved plaque provides an opportunity to include 3 additional sentences to better commemorate an occasion or words of choice.  This is very important, as it will pass on historical details for future generations.  There is a 60 character maximum for each sentence. Bonnie is happy to help you so the wording is perfect for the occasion.  

When you purchase a Cyprus 50th Anniversary Commemorative Plate, not only are you investing in a very unique heirloom, you are also supporting this historical event.  A portion of each sale will be contributed towards the Cyprus 2024 commemoration.

CAFA Canadian Airborne Forces Association

Be sure to have your camera ready! The proud recipients will be pleased beyond measure! TESTIMONIALS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!  Here are a few you may enjoy!

Canadian Airborne Gunners
March 27, 2021
"Dear Bonnie
Today I received plate #1 of the Canadian Airborne Gunner glass plate. What a wonderful piece of art. I believe that many Airborne Gunners would like one because they are such a nice piece of memorabilia.
Thanks for creating this lovely plate. Keep up the great work. Thanks again Bonnie"
Ernest B. Beno, OMM, CD
Brigadier-General, Retired
Canadian Airborne Regiment PPCLI
March 13, 2019
"GLASS TREASURES--Unsurpassed in detail, beauty and draftsmanship these glass plates produced by Bonnie Saunders are treasures that will be placed proudly in a place of honor in your home NOW and passed on to your family for generations to come. Bonnie is a unique and true artisan you can trust to make your plate an individual treasure you will be so very proud of."
George Fraser
Canadian Airborne Regiment
April 7, 2016
"Bonnie Saunders produced this plate for me, she is a talent! It is AWESOME! Hung it with pride in my bar. Many thx Bonnie. Airborne"
George Hill
Personalized to honour one's loyal and dedicated service!
March 8, 2019
"Bonnie, thanks for the fantastic plates! After 40 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces I retired on 13 February 2019 and was formally presented with these in honour of my service. Col Nishika Jardine, an old friend and fellow member of RCEME, presented the Corps plate, and LCol Gabriel Dore, Commanding Officer RCSU (Central), presented the CIL plate.

The senior staff of RCEME were highly impressed with the corps plate and are interested in looking to make this part of their routine retirement presentations. If you are interested I'll pass on your contact information to them."

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret'd) Charles Jansen

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Personalized Engraving Gaza Strip 
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