RCAF 100th Anniversary Commemorative Plate - COMING SOON!
RCAF 100th Anniversary Commemorative Plate - COMING SOON!

RCAF 100th Anniversary Commemorative Plate - COMING SOON!

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Bonnie Saunders, in partnership with the Royal Canadian Air Force Association is honoured to be a part in commemorating the RCAF 100th Anniversary by providing this stunning, personalized commemorative plate, with a backdrop image of the official Royal Canadian Air Force Tartan and trimmed in royal blue ultra suede.  Each one is personalized and includes a Certificate of Authenticity!


The Royal Canadian Air Force has embraced innovation since its humble beginnings and has evolved to become an agile and capable force to meet the needs of today’s complex security challenges and uphold Canadian values.

Over the years, Bonnie has been privileged to present her work to recipients such as HRH, The Earl of Wessex – Prince Edward, the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Hillier and Colonel-In-Chief Adrienne Clarkson and other notable recipients such as HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Anne, The Princess Royal have also been recipients of her work.  In 2014, Bonnie was honored to provide very special commemorative plates in celebration of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Centennial and her work as being sought after for several other upcoming special events for other regiments.

Each personalized plate arrives with special commemorative wording on the engraved plaques as shown below and can also be personalized if you wish, to commemorate the loyalty of someone special who has served with the RCAF:


Each stunning RCAF 100th Anniversary Commemorative Plate individually produced by Bonnie of Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders will certainly be cherished for generations to come.  As a thoughtful gift, they are an excellent method to commemorate a variety of occasions for one's loyalty and dedication.

• a retirement or transfer

• gifts for dignitaries

• special awards

• company promotions & recognitions

• a gift for a family member 

• an anniversary or birthday

• a personal memento/keepsake

• Change of Command

• Depart With Dignity

• return from duty

• paying tribute to a veteran


Each RCAF 100th Anniversary Commemorative Plate begins as a clear glass plate which becomes transformed into an exceptional, high quality keepsake. With many complex steps from start to finish, the creation process poses a high degree of difficulty. The delicate procedures result in the brilliantly rich crackle which receives and illuminates light and provides a unique element of depth to each piece. These remarkable heirlooms are rendered individually by Bonnie, with all processes administered on the backside of the glass.

Each 8" plate is framed in a black, 11"open faced solid wood shadow box lined with red ultra suede. Two custom engraved black plaques which sit on the frame add a personalized touch to these mementos, which can be either wall mounted or displayed on a stand.  Included is a bilingual Certificate of Authenticity that is signed by Bonnie Saunders and applied to the backside of the frame.  This certificate contains a brief description of the mission of the proud members who wear the badge or crest that is featured on the front of the plate.  This is a great added feature for future generations to appreciate. 


Bonnie recommends highlighting the rank/regimental number and name of the recipient on the smaller plaque.  The second, larger engraved plaque provides an opportunity to include 3 additional sentences to better commemorate an occasion or words of choice.  This is very important, as it will pass on historical details for future generations.  There is a 60 character maximum for each sentence. Bonnie is happy to help you so the wording is perfect for the occasion.  

Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders provides official products under license from Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, the Department of Defence and the Canadian Forces.

When you purchase a RCAF 100th Anniversary Commemorative plate, not only are you investing in a very unique heirloom, you are also supporting the many men and women who serve to protect us.  In partnership with Royal Canadian Air Force Association, a portion of each sale will be contributed towards the Royal Canadian Air Force Centennial Fund.

Be sure to have your camera ready! The proud recipients will be pleased beyond measure!  Bonnie looks forward to adding new photos of proud members with the RCAF 100th Anniversary Commemorative Plates in the near future!

Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)

✈️ Feb 15, 2021,
"My father/father-in-law LOVED the plate and frame. If only you could have seen his eyes as he opened it. He was so happy and proud. The plate and frame are better than we could have ever imagined. Thank you so much!!"
From The Burden’s
Royal Canadian Air Force
December 15, 2011
"Hi Bonnie:
When I left the service, the only things I took with me were one uniform, my cap badge, dog tags, shaving kit and a lot of great memories. The plates are not only a great memento of my time in the forces, but they have brought alive all those great memories. The craftsmanship is superb and a fitting testimonial to anyone who is, or has, served in the Cdn Forces. Looking forward to receiving the next plate on my list."
St. Thomas, ON

PROUD recipient of a Royal Canadian Air Force Badge Plate

Dec 7, 2016
"Hi Bonnie, I just want to tell you that Wilf loved his Royal Canadian Air Force badge plate!! As you can tell by his picture, he was proud as a peacock to receive it!! He was thrilled to have such a beautiful piece of art to commemorate his 30 years of service!! 
Your quick and helpful suggestions helped get it here in a timely manner!! 
You have such great customer service, you even made sure to correct a mistake I forgot!' Lol.. 
your one in a million!! Keep up the fantastic work!! 
Thanks for all you do!!"
Lori R

Royal Canadian Air Force RCAF

August 5, 2013
"Thank you, Bonnie, for the great work you do on these plates. I'm very happy with the two I have (another order is coming!), one for my Royal Canadian Air Force time (as a ComOp) and the other to give recognition to my Royal Canadian Army Cadet days, which included a summer (1961) at Camp Borden (Blackdown) where I took the Signals course. The latter resulted in issue of a DND certificate, stating that I was a "Group One Signaller"! I went on to be an instructor at my home Corps in Parry Sound, which included teaching use and operation of the Wireless Set No. 19 and the CPR26 (26 Set), as well as landline field phones and switchboards. Clearly, the wide array of plates now in your repertoire is of great interest to those who have had military "time in" at any level and for any length of time. I certainly am proud to display mine prominently. Congratulations and thanks again!"
Bob Cooke

Royal Canadian Air Force RCAF

January 11, 2017
"Thank you Bonnie. He was VERY happy. It is now hanging in his office."
Karen Gagnon

Royal Canadian Air Force RCAF

March 3, 2022
"I ordered this RCAF Badge Plate for my dad back in 2012 in honour of his 25 years of service in the Armed Forces. He was very proud of it and had it displayed for all to see. I am very proud of my father’s service and still am!  When he passed in Dec 2018 I made sure his cherished plate was safe and is proudly displayed in my home and it is now extremely dear to me. I was thrilled when asked to provide a testimonial for  Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders and have been forever grateful that I was able to make my dad proud with his plate. Thank you Bonnie for doing this!”
Denise Taylor


RCAF Command


Personalized to honour one's loyal and dedicated service!

March 8, 2019
"Bonnie, thanks for the fantastic plates! After 40 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces I retired on 13 February 2019 and was formally presented with these in honour of my service. Col Nishika Jardine, an old friend and fellow member of RCEME, presented the Corps plate, and LCol Gabriel Dore, Commanding Officer RCSU (Central), presented the CIL plate.
The senior staff of RCEME were highly impressed with the corps plate and are interested in looking to make this part of their routine retirement presentations. If you are interested I'll pass on your contact information to them."
Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret'd) Charles Jansen
~ ~ ~

RCAF 100th Anniversary 

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