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Please choose which of the Glass Treasures by Bonnie Saunders you would like to order
Bonnie will contact you by email to help you choose the cwording for the ustom engraved plaques
that perosnalize each one.

GALLERY 1 - Maple Leaves

This exquisite  Maple Leaves Plate forms a thoughtful gift for the PROUD Canadian and as gifts for visitors to our wonderful country - Canada!  A great addition for the collector of fine Canadian artisan pieces.

The Process


Each Maple Leaves Plate begins as a clear glass plate which becomes transformed into an exceptional, high quality keepsake.  With fourteen complex steps from start to finish, the creation process poses a high degree of difficulty. The delicate procedures result in the brilliantly rich crackle which receives and illuminates light and provides a unique element of depth to each piece. These remarkable pieces are rendered individually by Bonnie, with all processes administered on the backside of the glass.

Each plate is framed in an open faced, solid wood shadow box lined with red ultra suede. Two custom engraved black plaques adds a personalized touch to these collectibles, which can be either wall mounted or displayed on a stand.  A bilingual certificate of authenticity is also provided. 


Each Maple Leaves Plate arrives with two customized engraved plaques which are centered on the plate frame as shown in the image below.  Once your order is placed, Bonnie will contact you to get the details for the plaque.
custom engraved plaques

$165.00 CAD

*This month's special:
TWO custom engraved plaques, GST
AND shipping in Canada are included!

Simply contact Bonnie and she will reply to get the details needed.
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